Fishing Trip Magazine Cover Ideas!


A calm Saturday on the water is a tradition that has been happening for as far back as many can remember. There’s nothing more relaxing than tossing your line into the water and waiting for the big catch to hook onto your line. But for many, fishing is just a sport, and releasing the fish afterwards is the best move. For those who are into catch and release tactics, there has to be a way to display your prized fish, right? Of course there is! There’s no better display than a custom fishing magazine cover! See what you can do with them below.


Include The Photo

If you head out fishing with a buddy, make sure they’re ready to snap a photo when you reel in the big catch. This can be you holding the fish, a photo of the fish on your line, or even the battle that it might take to get him to land or onto the boat! The process is what makes the prize so worthwhile, and displaying it on a custom magazine cover is the best way to do so!

Insert Details

With a fish comes the details that make your story more credible, and that much more interesting! You can include these details as headlines, explaining both the size of the fish, the weight, where you caught it and more! Some expert fisherman are proud of using either live or fake bait, so that might be something to include on the cover as well!

Other Achievements

There are a ton of things that go into fishing, and for those who compete in competitions and have stories to tell, this is a great place for it. Recent trophy fish, record breaking sizes and funny stories about the journey all make your custom fishing magazine cover unique and special to the person featured on the front. With all of these pieces of information included, your creation can be displayed for anyone to view and appreciate — it’s a great way to ‘reel’ in the compliments!

Your custom cover deserves that totally personal touch! To get started, head on over to the Cover Editor and begin creating your magazine cover. For examples of previously created magazines, make sure to like us on Facebook,  find us on Pinterest or browse our magazine cover templates!


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