Five Tips To Making A Fabulous Magazine Cover

Making a YourCover magazine cover is easy and fun to do, but here are some of my personal tips to help you along the way…
1) A Picture Says A Thousand Words

The most important part of your custom magazine cover is starting with a great picture.  What does it mean to have a great picture?  Photo quality is key!  We recommend an image with a pixel dimension of 1024×1280.  The higher the resolution the better!  Keep in mind that most photo-sharing sites such as facebook or snapfish do not provide images with a high enough resolution. 

You also don’t want your photo to be too busy.  In fact, if you are making this for someone special, make them the center of attention by choosing a photo where you can see them clearly. 

2) Don’t be afraid to get personal!  

The best magazine cover orders we’ve received have been the ones that have headlines all about the person on the cover!  Yes, we do have some great default headlines AND a fantastic headline library, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t come up with your own headlines!  Talk about something funny that happened, mention an inside joke, or gush over how much you love that person!  You may think it’s embarrassing, but the more personal you are, the more memorable the gift!

3) Less is MORE

Choosing fonts can be tricky because we have so many great fonts to choose from, it’s hard to figure out which one looks the best! My personal tip for making your magazine cover look more like a real magazine cover is to pick one or two fonts.  When it comes to how many different fonts you use, less is more!  The same goes for the color of the font – keep it to one or two colors.  

4) Think Outside The BOX

Literally.  You aren’t completely confined by the text boxes we provide on our custom magazine covers.  In fact, you can use your space bar and "enter" key to manipulate the position of the text so that it can move further down the page to improve spacing or to remove the text from on to someone’s face. 

5) Finding Inspiration

I almost always have actual magazines around me for inspiration.  If there is a magazine out there and you want your YourCover to look like it, use it as your inspiration. and by using our font choices and font colors you can emulate that particular magazine’s title and style.  Another place I find inspiration is the YourCover gallery where you will find some fantastic magazine covers that have been made by our customers.  I find that having something to look at while I’m creating makes it easier for me to decide what I want and what I don’t want on my covers.  

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