Fun Rainy Day Activity – Make a Magazine Cover

It’s a rainy afternoon and you have nothing to do.  So you bop around the internet looking at funny cat videos and searching out old high school friends on Facebook.  Why not do Make a Magazine Cover - fun rainy day activitysomething different and fun that also crosses a few things off of your to-do list?

Making magazine covers at YourCover is a lot of fun.  We get comments from our customers all the time that they are having such a good time changing the headlines and being creative in making this custom gift idea for someone they care about.  You know you have a few events coming up like a graduation party, Father’s Day or an anniversary, so why not get the gift shopping out of the way while having a good time playing around in the YourCover design tool? 

It’s really pretty easy to make a magazine cover, just upload a photo, then personalize each headline to be all about your cover star.  You can be as silly as you want by bringing up funny stories from the past.  You can make a magazine cover for all sorts of occasions or for no reason at all.  Our pet magazine cover is fun way to show the world that your dog (or cat or ferret) is the best pet ever.

Whether you need a last minute Father’s Day gift, a gift for Grandparents or a Sweet 16 gift, YourCover lets you have a good time.  It’s as much fun to make as it is to receive!


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