How To Make A Fun Sales Award


Oftentimes, a salesperson is one of the most integral parts of a business model. Everyone plays a big role, but your sales team is responsible for initial contact with the client, selling the product or service, and maintaining positive rapport throughout their time of doing business. For their hard work, these individuals sometimes deserve a little recognition, and there are many ways to do so. Instead of the usual gifts you give, consider starting a trend with a “Sales Award” in the form of a custom magazine cover that your recipient and company can all enjoy. Here are a few tricks to making the perfect cover.


Feature Their Accolades

A sales award is supposed to congratulate and reward the recipient for reaching or attaining particular goals. Instead of a plaque or certificate with their name and the date, create a personalized magazine cover that is all about the recipient, their accomplishments, and the company. In the magazine cover headlines, talk about their achievements and use a font in big bold letters so everyone is able to read them. This helps distinguish what made them the person to receive the award.

Provide Encouragement

This is a great opportunity to promote internal growth within your company as well. Someone who has been named for the sales award is technically a representative of the company as a whole during their time as the winner. Before making the cover, find a quote that would suit the magazine cover. Allow this to be words of encouragement, or a trick on how they succeeded. These help other sales reps learn what they can do to also eventually be a ‘winner’.

Talk About The Company

It’s a good idea to reiterate your company’s values and what your winner of the month brings to the table. This will provide context about the award itself while also letting future sales consultants know how they can help propel the business as a whole. Paired with such an awesome custom gift, your team will be eager to see if they can become the star for the future months to come.
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