Get a Free Front and Back Cover Print with Our Deluxe Acrylic Frame! Shipping Included!


Have you ever made a custom magazine cover with YourCover?  If you have, then you are eligible to win a free gift from us!  Every month YourCover chooses a cover of the month. The winner receives a gift certificate for a personalized magazine cover in a frame, including shipping to you or someone your love!  The winning cover is showcased in our YourCover Gallery for everyone to admire.  Not only is the winning cover featured on our homepage and gallery, but it also serves as inspiration for others who come to our site! 

        March Cover Of The Month
New to YourCover?  Not a problem.  Make a cover today.  It’s a fun and creative project that you’ll love making.  Personalized photo gift ideas are great for every occasion and here at YourCover, we have over 20 magazine cover templates that will be perfect for any event you have in mind!  

Want to be in our gallery?  Just ask!  Email us at 

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