Get Ready for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is only a week away (Sunday May 9) and perhaps you are struggling trying to come up with some unique gifts for mom, something that shows you care yet that won’t break the bank.  Whenever you can’t decide, we always say "go personal".  If you give a gift that is unique to your mom, you know she is going to love it.

The custom magazine cover that you create at will be as special and unique as your mom.  Start with our Mother’s Day magazine cover template, then upload your Mother's Day Magazine Covermom’s photo, personalize the headlines so that each one is about your mom, her likes, dislikes, the family and special memories.

After you have completed your photo magazine cover, you will have created a totally unique personalized gift that she will adore.  It only takes about 10-30 minutes of your time, time you spend at home, not traveling to a store.  One of the unique features of YourCover is that we offer a photo file download so if you wish, you can even print your custom magazine cover at home,  then just pick up a frame at a local store and you have a unique personalized gift that is affordably priced and that she’ll keep forever.  When you give a custom magazine cover for Mother’s Day you are giving a gift from your heart that means more because you made it just for her.

Get started on your unique gift for mom today!


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