Getting personal with a 1st anniversary gift


When it comes to getting married people often describe marriage as being more than a piece of paper – the paper being the marriage license that you have to have before a marriage is considered legal and tender.  The 'official' first year anniversary gift is also – paper.    Cash money works right?    But not if you''re counting on STAYING married!   

1st Anniversary Fake Magazine Cover from YourCoverSo what kind of gift to get your beloved for that all-important first anniversay?    A unique 1st anniversary fake magazine gift  from will deliver on all counts!    A personalized anniversary gift makes that special day all the more special – a sign that the marriage is already passing its first test of time.   

It's a romantic way to celebrate an anniversary – on paper!   Remember the honeymoon?   How about all those wedding gifts?   A personalized fake magazine cover from can also help you remember all the great things from that first year when you've been married a long time and cannot exactly remember things from thirty or more years ago – at least not quite as well.  

A personalized magazine cover paper gift for a first anniversary could not be easier nor more personal.   Just one less thing you need to worry about!  



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