Gift for Coach

Gift for CoachIt has been a very hot & humid summer here in the Northeast.  The players in our town’s summer softball league end their games drenched in their uniforms.  We don’t know whether it’s the water bottle they just poured over themselves or the outcome of the hard game they just played.

As fans, we think the players are absolutely crazy to be playing in the 90 degree heat, but they don’t seem to mind…they just want to play!  With their season drawing to an end, I thought creating fake magazine covers for the whole team or just a gift for coach, would be a great way to remember this HOT and wonderful season!  

A personalized magazine cover is a great way to commemorate the coach’s job well done and the team’s hard work throughout the season.  I created a fake magazine cover to resemble Sports Illustrated for my fiance and he LOVED IT!  Start creating your fake magazine cover now for your team or coach.


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