Gift for Grandparents

My grandparents will be closing on a house in Florida within the next month.  This is not only exciting for them, but for me as well.  Why am I excited you ask?  Maybe it’s because they are exactly 20 minutes due south of Disney World!!!!!!!!

Yes, at 24 years old, the magic of Magic Kingdom still excites me.  When I see Cinderella’s castle or Mickey and Minnie’s house, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear.  So when I learned that my grandparents were buying a house not too far away from Mickey & Minnie’s digs, I knew I had to search throught some custom gift ideas to celebrate their new home.

Trying to find a gift for grandparents was a little difficult…they have everything imagineable!  The obvious was right in front of me when I realized they were purchasing a home, so I had a picture of their house sent to me and turned it into a personalized gift idea as a personalized magazine cover. 

This unique personalized gift is a perfect gift for grandparents to display anywhere and it will look great in their new home!  Hopefully they will LOVE it and take me to Disney ;0)


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