Gift For My Bro


After working throughout the day, coming home to a dirty house, and then having to make dinner, you remember it’s your brother’s birthday coming up and you haven’t gotten him anything.

Shoot, another "I don’t wanna" on your forever growing to-do list. What do you do? Well, if you’re like me, struggling to make rent, and have a spoiled brother that has everything (literally) then the best birthday gift ideas are ones that come from the heart.

You really can’t go wrong with a personalized birthday gift, one that says, "You’re the greatest little bro ever!" or "Thanks for not telling mom I over-watered her flowers" or "Bro and Sis Team up for the best karaoke duet!!"    

I mean let’s face it, getting birthday gifts for guys can be a challenge, and no one needs a challenge when they’re already EXTREMELY BUSY. If you want to get a gift that really makes a statement, get personal and make a magazine cover with YOUR picture and YOUR headlines. It’s so fun and easy and it will mean more than any other gift.

The best thing about a gift like this? You don’t need to drive all over town to find the store, wait in line, or worry about exchanges. Everyone loves getting a gift with a personal touch. Even big tough guys like my little brother…


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