Gift Giving Advisory Board Holiday Gift Guide

We are so excited to be included in the GGAB Holiday Gift Guide.  The Gift Giving Advisory Board has an oh-so-serious mission, that is, to educate citizens of all gender, size, age and rank to become better gift givers; to ban the practice of re-gifting as all gifts hereupon received will be appreciated and cherished; to make the bad gift emporium devoid of all relevance and usefulness.  Its expert advisory board members include:

  • Lindsay Roberts of, is a gift-finding guru whose gift suggestions particularly resonate with the modern, young, urban professional.
  • Liz Nonnemacher of, proposes wonderful and unique gift selections that stay true to her “buy-indie” passions, a movement for which we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.
  • Anne-Marie Kovacs, The Succulent Wife herself, focuses her suggestions on meaningful gifts, the kind that tells a story and are used long after they’ve been unwrapped.

The GGAB has pulled together a list of some wonderfully unique gifts for this upcoming holiday season and YourCover personalized magazine covers are among the varied choices.
If you are looking for unique gift ideas or personalized gift ideas for all those hard-to-buy-for people on your list, just take a peek at the list for some wonderful new ideas.


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