Gift Ideas For Him


For that very special man in your life, whether it be your significant other, your dad, brother, or friend; figuring out unique gifts ideas for him is tough and time consuming; mostly because he might already have what you think you want to give him. 

For example, does he love to read?  Well the obvious choice would be a book, but which book?  Does he already have it?  Has he read it already?  Plus, with more affordable technology these days, he may already have the book on his Kindle. 

Okay, so he loves movies and music, who doesn’t? But again the Internet has almost made purchasing actual DVDs and CD pointless with things like Netflix and iTunes. 

Video games?  Even though video games sales have dropped in recent years, it doesn’t mean guys aren’t spending much of their time in front of the TV or computer.  Why would you want him to spend more time playing video games instead of spending quality time with you?

So what are we supposed to get these guys you ask?  It may sound cheesy, and I may be a bit biased, but I think that a personalized gift idea is a great way to go when nothing else seems to be right. 

Unique photo gifts like a YourCover custom magazine cover is great for incorporating all of his interests and some of your memories into one creative and affordable gift that he’ll love.  You may not think that he’ll enjoy such a sentimental gesture, but you’re wrong.  Of course he wants to hear about how much you love him, how great he is, or what an amazing time you had on your last vacation.  You can personalize all of the headlines on all of our magazine cover templates.  With over 20 to chose from, you can create one for any occasion.  AND they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Use your favorite picture of him, or the two of you together because unique photo gifts from YourCover can make wonderful personalized anniversary gifts or birthday gifts for guys.  

One of the best things about a YourCover personalized photo magazine cover is that it can be made for men of all ages and interests.  No more countless hours searching the Internet for unique gifts ideas, no more waiting in line at stores, and certainly no more hassle!  It’s so simple and fun and better yet, can be done at home or at the office. So for whatever occasion coming up, make his next gift memorable. 

CREATE magazine cover now!


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