Gift Ideas for the Woman Turning 50!


My aunt just turned 50. She doesn’t look it, or act like it, but regardless I know that her turning fifty is getting to her somewhat. It’s something that will happen to everyone, if it hasn’t already. 

I thought it would be a great idea to commemorate this special time in her life by making her a fake magazine cover, (but really, it’s so much more than that!) Her husband (my uncle) loves to take pictures so I had many to choose from. 
50th Birthday Magazine Cover
I can’t even begin to tell you about her elated reaction. She laughed at the headlines I wrote for her and when she looked at all the great family pictures on the back cover, she started to cry with joy! Honestly, I had never seen a reaction like that before, nor was I expecting it, but nonetheless, the YourCover magazine cover was a hit at the party and everyone kept telling me that my personalized birthday gift was one of the best birthday gift ideas they’ve seen in a while.  

If you know someone who’s about to turn 50, make them remember all of the great successes in their life and remind them how much everyone loves them. This is honestly one of the best ideas for 50th birthday gift that you’ll come across, I guarantee it!

As Louise Mattlage states in Women and Aging:  "I’ve known younger women who were only forty and (who seemed) older than I was at fifty. Fifty? Who’s talking about fifty? That’s youth. That’s at the very crest of success. No, not the crest, for that would indicate the subsiding, the demise. Fifty is simply young. It has health. Beauty. A rich background of talents and the means to express them. Fifty is strong. Fifty is the end of the burdens of a retarded childhood, one’s own and one’s children’s. It is freedom from menstruation. It is full of power. It is being totally alive and having plenty of time to be alive."


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