Graduation Gift Idea

Graduation days are fast approaching.  For college students, graduation ceremonies often take place in early May while most high school graduations begin at the end of May and extend through to the end of June. Perhaps you know someone who is graduating this year from college, high school or maybe kindegarten!  All of these graduation events are milestones that we should commemorate and celebrate with pride.

If you have been looking for a personalized gift idea for an upcoming graduation, YourCover is a simple solution.  Using the graduation magazine cover template at you can personalize the magazine cover with the graduate’s photo and then customize the headlines to reflect their accomplishments and future plans.

Each magazine cover is as unique as the graduate for whom it is made because it has that particular student’s photo on the front as well as a personalized title and headlines that reflect their true life story.  If you are looking for a personalized gift idea to satisfy all your graduation gift needs this spring, create a YourCover for each graduate – each one will be unique and the hit of the party!  Start your personalized graduation gift today!


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