GRAND Gift For Grandparents

By the time your parents become grandparents, they are usually pretty well established and already own most of the things they need.  It can be a really tough call to come up with unique gift ideas for someone who doesn’t really need anything.  So what we always suggest is that you give a gift that is highly personalized.  What is that grandparents love the most – why their grandchildren of course!

That’s why we now offer the GRAND personalized magazine cover for grandparents in GRAND Magazine Cover - Unique Gift For Grandparentsconjunction with GRAND, the online grandparents magazine!  This customized magazine cover looks just like the real GRAND magazine but using our online design system you can customize it with a photo of the grandchildren, or better yet, a photo of the grandparents with their grandchildren.  This unique gift for grandparents is something they will treasure especially after you have personalized the headlines to be all about them and the fun times and happy memories they have shared with their grandchildren.

Give a GRAND magazine cover a try – we think you’ll agree that it is a completely unique and memorable gift for grandparents that they will treasure for years to come.  Just choose GRAND from the among the magazine cover themes as you begin to create your gift. 


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