Great Gift for Grandparents

Somehow we got into a whole discussion this morning about names for grandparents.  It seems many languages have similar names for mothers and fathers: mama, mommy, maman, daddy, dad or papa, poppy as these are among the first sounds that babies can make.  But getting to Grandma and Grandpa is a step away. 

Gift For GrandparentsIn our office the names for grandparents varied from the standard Grandma to Nanny, Nonni, YaYa, and Gran.  No matter what you call your grandparents, having them as a part of your family is what makes them so special.

If you are looking for a unique gift for grandparents, creating a personalized magazine cover featuring their photo (alone or with the grandchildren) is sure to be one of their treasured keepsakes.  YourCover is so much more than a fake magazine cover because it is more than just a photo on a generic mag cover, by customizing the headlines to be all about your Nanny and Poppy, you make a gift as unique as your family!  

To make your own unique grandparents’ gift, choose the Personal Celebrity template, the Special Event template or GRAND Magazine cover template.  If your gift is occasion related, choices expand to birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and reunions.   


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