Great Gifts for Grandparents

Sometimes finding a great gift for grandparents can be difficult.  You want to get them something they can use or something that shows them how much you care about them.  But oftetimes they just don’t really "need" anything, they have a lifetime of possessions and are pretty well set up.  So what to do? 

GRAND Magazine Cover TemplateWell, since they can be hard-to-buy-for, we always suggest going personal so that the gift for grandparents that you give is completely special and unique to who they are.  Everyone loves gifts that are highly personalized and the custom magazine covers at YourCover are as unique as the person they are made for.

For example, you could choose a new magazine cover that we are offering which is specifically for grandparents, it is the GRAND magazine cover.  In conjunction with GRAND Magazine, the online magazine for grandparents, we now have a GRAND magazine cover template that looks just like their official publication.  It’s a fun template where you can upload a photo of the grandparents or of the grandchildren, then personalize the headlines to be all about what a great job these grandparents do and how much you love and admire them.

This a gift for grandparents that will make them say "Wow" – they’ll love it and cherish it because it is all about them and their grandchildren – the perfect gift.  Visit and when it’s time to choose a magazine cover template, choose GRAND, the Magazine for Grandparents!


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