Great Golf Gift!

Need a great golf gift?  Maybe someone you know is retiring or a friend or loved one is celebrating a birthday and you want to give them a golf-themed gift.  The Golf magazine cover template at YourCover is a unique golf gift for any occasion.

Use the magazine cover generator at YourCover to make your magazine cover.  First choose the Golf magazine coverLast Minute Gift - Golf Fake Magazine Cover template, then upload a photo of your friend or family member playing golf (or at least holding a golf club!).  Now you can personalize the headlines on the fake magazine cover to be all about your golfer – which club is their favorite, what was the score on their best round, who are their golfing buddies? 

The fake magazine covers at YourCover are great birthday gifts for guys or really unique personalized gifts for retirements.  One of the unique features at YourCover is the ability to instantly download your magazine cover for self-printing. Now you have a last minute gift that in addition to being very personal, unique, and affordable, will also be the hit of the party!

Make a magazine cover today for a golf gift that’s as unique as the golfer starring on the front cover!


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