Great Review from Heck of a Bunch 6

Wow – how much do we love the great review we received at the blog  It is so exciting when independent bloggers take a spin through YourCover to experience it for themselves.  We get some uncensored feedback and their readers (and ours) get an inside look at the YourCover experience. From starting the process of creating a fake magazine cover, to our customer service and the finally the actual product they have received. Click on the link to read the YourCover review and enter Terra’s magazine cover giveaway. 

Celebrity Magazine CoverIn the case of Terra Heck of, she even let us know about the gifting experience and how much her teenage son loved his starring moment on his own personalized magazine cover.  If a teenage boy loves it (and that is a hard crowd to please!) just imagine how the folks on your gift list will react to seeing themselves on a personalized magazine cover. 

To create a fake magazine cover at YourCover is easy.  As Terra explains, just upload photo, choose a template and you are on your way.  Whether you need a unique gift for Mom, your boyfriend or a co-worker, YourCover has a magazine cover template to fit your needs.


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