Halloween & Your Pet

Halloween is in a few days,Do you have your costume ready? If you don’t, that’s okay. You still have plenty of time to get yourself together, and not just you, but your pet too!

If you have never dressed up your pet before, there are a lot of options for your furry little friend that everyone will get a great kick out of! It’s a great photo op for any animal lover and their best friend to get dressed up in their Halloween finest :o)

All animal owners have special memories of their pet but some are forgotten! So why not make a keepsake of those hysterical Halloween moments with a YourCover personalized magazine cover? It’s the perfect unique personalized gift for any animal lover, whether for yourself, a very special friend, or a family member. Upload up to six photos of the memories that you have shared with one another, and as headlines, tell about all the funny things the pet does that drives the owner crazy. e.g. chewing on their shoes or running full speed into the sliding door! Those crazy and cute Halloween moments are among the many reasons why you love your pet so much, so don’t forget them! YourCover helps you remember all the great times shared, so get started now to create a unique photo gift with a YourCover Pet Issue!


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