Happy 40th Birthday Uncle Tom!


Unique 40th Birthday GiftThis weekend it’s my husband’s Uncle’s 40th Birthday party.  We were throwing around ideas on what to get him and the more we thought about it, the harder it got.  What do you get someone for their 40th? 

Do they really want a book on who the president was 40 years ago or what song was popular when they were born and how inexpensive gas prices were?  Probably not.  They will read it once and it will forever collect dust somewhere on their bookshelf…if they even have a bookshelf.

We then thought…we could just bring him a nice bottle of wine!  Then we tossed that idea to the side when we realized how many other people will have the same idea.

We want to give him something different, something that he doesn’t own and that’s what YourCover personalized magazine covers has to offer!  Creating a fake magazine cover with the magazine cover generator is so easy and fun to do too!

Especially since birthday gifts for guys are so incredibly hard to find, since they are so hard to buy for…this made it easy!  His Uncle Tom is going to flip over his very own magazine cover!  We absolutely cannot wait to give it to him!


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