Happy Birthday Bro!


Finding birthday gifts for guys is always a challenge for me.  My brother is four years older than me and is living on his own, far away from me so finding him the perfect gift is really important to me.  He is turning 24 in a few weeks and I have been brainstorming what the best birthday gift ideas are.  In my experience, birthday gifts for guys usually consist of ties, socks, mugs, and gift cards. BORING. I really want to get him a gift that shows how much I miss him and care about him (and one that out does my sister’s). 

Sadly, as a stereotypical college kid I don’t have the resources to get him box seats to a Mets game, or even the time to go with him!  So I got to thinking, what gift would put the biggest smile on my brother’s face.  And I realized, what guy in your life has never pictured himself on the cover of Sports Illustrated or Time Magazine?  At YourCover you can put your favorite guy right on his own personalized magazine cover that says anything you want it to say. With a library of headlines and taglines a personalized magazine cover from YourCover is sure to be a unique and heartfelt gift. My brother will finally be a star, thanks to his favorite sister (I hope it doesn’t make his ego any bigger than it already is)! Happy Birthday Shea!


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