How about a graduation gift that will last a lifetime?


I remember my high school graduation all those years ago.  It was a cloudy, hot and sticky day in late June with an imminent threat of a thunderstorm.  At some point during the ceremony someone set off firecrackers – now that was memorable.   I wish that I had a personalized fake magazine cover from complete with photos from the day of my classmates as well as photos of my old school.   It would have been fun to have a top ten list of reasons why I was happy to graduate (ok there were more than ten – way more) and funny remembrances of thingsGraduation Fake Magazine Cover Gift that happened along the way. 

But back in the day there was nothing like YourCover personalized fake magazine covers.   So all I have are a few photos, a yellowed diploma and what I have in my memory banks.   Pretty much the same can be said of my college graduation which for whatever reason is even less clear in my memory than my high school graduation! 

What is an appropriate graduation gift?   Sure cash is great – and appreciated.  But not necessarily memorable (I guess unless it was a LOT of cash).   Why not give a gift that will be truly appreciated, remembered and is extremely affordable?   

Visit Yourcover and choose the Graduation magazine cover template to get started while there’s still plenty of time to have fun creating your completely personalized gift. 


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