How to Build Brand Loyalty & Reader Engagement while Generating Revenue with Personalized Magazine Covers

Let your readers create a unique tangible connection to your magazine brand by personalizing a magazine cover featuring your masthead logo.  Plus generate additional revenue at no expense to your company and with no staff effort, labor or time.


1.     YourCover creates a microsite branded to your magazine(s).  Take a look at two of our current partners’ sites: or

2.     The microsite features a magazine cover template containing your magazine logo and default headlines.

3.     YourCover hosts the microsite; processes, produces and ships all orders, and is responsible for all customer service inquiries.

4.     Link the microsite to your main site and inform your readership of this unique opportunity.

5.     Receive revenue each month from the sales of your branded personalized magazine covers.

Why YourCover Personalized Magazine Covers?

·        Wide variety of product options (image downloads, prints, posters, frames, mouse pads, mugs) at a wide range of price points ($12.95+)

·        Fast shipping including instant/immediate delivery, overnight, 2-day, USPS, FedEx.

·        YourCover has 12 years of experience in satisfying customers with a review rating average of over 4.5 out of 5.

Create a free personalized magazine cover to try our service.  Send an email to to get a code or call Michele Kolier, our Director of Business Development, at 203-563-9233 x17.


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