How to celebrate a birthday with a one-of-a-kind gift


Unique personalized birthday magazine cover giftDo you remember the gifts you received for your last birthday?   Me neither.    Unless it was truly special or ungodly expensive, most people have trouble remembering what they received and from whom.   It doesn’t need to be that way.  A personalized fake magazine cover from YourCover is the most unique and heartfelt gift you could ever give to someone you care about.   Their reaction to your one-of-a-kind gift will be something for you to cherish while they cherish your thoughtfulness! 

Making a gift always means more than simply buying a gift.  And making a unique personalized birthday gift that can be framed and enjoyed for years and years, means even more!  The inside jokes, the photos and memories that bind people together, all can be combined in a completely personalized magazine cover that can be printed at home, at a photo shop, or by the team at Yourcover who can also professionally frame your personal creative masterpiece! 

The only problem you may end up having is that all of your other friends will become jealous that you did not make a personalized YourCover magazine cover for them.  But that can be easily fixed.   Just wait until next year! 


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