How To Create a Personalized Magazine Cover cont’d

Part III – Choosing Your Magazine Cover Template

After cropping the photo for your personalized magazine cover, the third step is to choose your magazine cover template. This is a very simple process – there are 5 templates from which to choose. Your choice will depend on where your front cover subject is situated – are they right in the middle? Then you might want to choose template 3 which will allow you to have headlines down both the left and right sides of the cover. Is it a wide/horizontal shot? You might be happier with magazine cover template 1 or 5 which has all the headlines near the top.

Another important consideration in choosing your magazine cover template is that should you decide to change it later, any text changes you have made will be deleted and the new template will go back to the default headlines and colors.

One of the special features of the YourCover personalized magazine cover design system is that you can make a headline as long as you want it to be. The yellow text boxes don’t have ‘hard’ bottom meaning you can keep typing down the length of the whole page (just remember to delete whatever is in the boxes below so that one headline is not on top of another). Also if you don’t have a lot to say, just delete the words from the text box, click "Update" and leave that area blank.

Next time: How to personalize your magazine cover headlines


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