How to Create a Personalized Magazine Cover

I hope you’ll all have patience with me as I figure out how to write a blog. Not sure if this is supposed to be all ‘stream of consciousness’ or be more planned out than that so I’m just sort of winging it. Anyway, I thought I’d write about how to create a personalized magazine cover since that is something I do know a lot about.

Obviously, I think that YourCover is the best place to create a fake magazine cover. There are other sites out there that let you upload photos but for the most part they are very limited. You can’t customize the headlines or title, and on most all you can do is put your photo in and that’s all. What we think is special about YourCover is that you can personalize virtually every detail, text, fonts, colors, etc. Plus we offer a back cover which no one else offers and we have a gorgeous frame for you to display your handiwork.

The most important part of being able to create a great personalized magazine cover is to have a great photo. Users sometimes try to upload cell phone photos or photos from Facebook or photos downloaded from a friend’s online photo account (like Shutterfly, KodakGallery, etc.) Unfortunately the problem is that the resolution on those photos will be very low – remember – your photo has to enlarge to 8" x 10" or 8.5" x 11" – that’s big!

The best resolution for your photos is 1024 x 1280, however your photo will still look good at half that resolution. But don’t try to upload something that is 200×300 – it’s going to be a blurry, pixilated mess. Whenever someone places an order and the photo is out of focus, we take the time to both email and call to find out if you have a better photo – we want you to love your experience at YourCover as well as your personalized magazine cover and it all starts with having a great photo.

Next time – cropping your photo!


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