How to Give a Last Minute Gift that’s Unique & Personalized

Typically last minute gift ideas consist of things like gift cards, flowers or candy. In other words, they are Last Minute Gift - a fake magazine cover from YourCovergifts that are impersonal with not a lot of connection to the recipient and their personality. This is not surprising as a last minute gift needs to be available and delivered in a day or two or perhaps even the same day as it is being given.

The unique feature of YourCover personalized magazine covers is that they are completely customized to the recipient and they are available instantly upon purchase.  The process to make a magazine cover is simple. First a theme is chosen to match the holiday, event or recipient's personality (or interests), a photo is uploaded and then each headline can be customized to reflect the cover star's real life story.

Upon purchase, the photo file download is available instantly on the order confirmation (thank you) page, it is also emailed and it resides permanently in the customer's Purchase History in their YourCover account.

YourCover prides itself on customer service and if a typo or erro is found after purchase, simply let YourCover know by email or phone call and we will correct your magazine cover and resend the image file without charge.

Whether consumers are searching for an instant gift for Christmas or for a last minute gift for a teacher, coach or co-worker, YourCover has a fake magazine cover to fit the need and solve your problem.


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