Hunting Magazine Cover is Unique 40th Birthday Gift for Brother-in-Law

Many of our customers return to YourCover time and again because each magazine cover they make is a unique personalized gift that really captures a moment in time and the recipient's personality.  One example is our customer Sue who has ordered from YourCover more than once.  She recently decided to Hunting Magazine Covermake a magazine cover for her brother-in-law's birthday.  If you are looking for birthday gifts for guys, read Sue's story below:

"I really enjoyed creating the YourCover. It was easy, fun and makes a memorable gift.  I made if for my brother-in-law's 40th birthday and decided to do the Hunting cover instead of a 40th Birthday magazine cover because hunting is what he enjoys.

The cover was a greatly appreciated by my brother-in-law.  I had many people inquire how I created the cover, they all thought it was a great gift. I will definitely make more for other friends and family."   by: Sue W. of Macomb, WI

A YourCover personalized magazine cover is the best birthday gift idea whether you need ideas for a 50th birthday gift, birthday gifts for guys or even unique gifts for Mom. With over 80 magazine cover template choices, there is a magazine cover for nearly every occasion, holiday, interest and personality.

To make a magazine cover, choose a template, upload a photo, and personalize the headlines to be all about the person starring on the front cover.


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