Ideas for 50th Birthday Gift

The birthday milestone celebrations have become more important as the years go by.  Parties and trips are planned for 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays.  Sometimes it is a weekend getaway with the girls or a golf trip for the guys or perhaps it’s a surprise party at someone’s home or a restaurant. Whatever the celebration, you are likely looking for a few unique ideas for 50th birthday gift.

Going personal is always a good way to go when you are seeking something unique for a milestone celebration.  There are hand-painted martini glasses that say "Happy Birthday" or gag gifts like a giant Viagra pill.  Although fun in the short term, will these be gifts that last and bring long enjoyment from the recipient?

The personalized magazine covers available at YourCover are a great solution for those looking for some ideas for 50th birthday gifts.  The cover is completely customized with the photo of the 50-year-old along with headlines that you can personalize to be all about their life, friends, family (and old age!).  Personalized magazine covers make great birthday gifts for guys or unique gifts for mom.  The recipient will feel like a celebrity when they see the magazine cover and they will recognize the effort you put into making it for them.

When searching for ideas for 50th birthday gifts, come to YourCover for a simple, inexpensive and unique solution.


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