Ideas for 50th Birthday Gift!


In exactly one week from now my mother will be turning 50 (shh, don’t tell), or as she likes to say, "celebrating the 30th anniversary of her 20th birthday".  Ideas for a 50th birthday gift can often be hard to come by since 50 is seen a a big turning point.  Last year, Barbie herself turned 50 as well as Legos and the state of Alaska. 

As a twenty year old college student, thinking about ideas for a 50th birthday gift is quite a challenge.  While I was pondering what to get my mom, I realized personalized birthday gifts are not only the best gift to receive but the most fun to give.  I find they always elicit the biggest smiles :)

Making a personalized magazine cover from YourCover is the perfect 50th birthday gift.  What could be better than a picture of my mom and me on a magazine cover with clever headlines taken from the YourCover headline library.  Simple, easy, and fun, I can’t wait to give my mom a unique photo gift for her 50th birthday!


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