Ideas For 50th Birthday Gift

For most men, turning the big 5-0 is kind of a big deal. By now you probably have an established career, a home, and probably a family.

It’s also around this time that you’re hitting the gym hard, working off that gut that started developing once your metabolism gave up on you.  (Those beers didn’t help either.)  You might even catch yourself envying the twenty-something-year-old men around you with their six-pack abs and full head of hair.

But then you say to yourself, “Hey, being 50 isn’t so bad.  At least I can do what I want without telling mom and in about five years, my senior discount will kick in.”

We’ve all heard of the mid-life crisis and some have suffered the consequences of said affliction, but if you ask me, turning 50 should be a great moment in someone’s life.  I mean really, did you know that in over 10 countries the average life expectancy for men is under the age of 50 ?

Just in the past few days here at YourCover, we’ve received some of our best covers yet (to me at least)!  They weren’t the best because they were identical to a real magazine.. They were the best because the person who made them really took the time to get personal about his friends who were all turning 50! They were so funny and fantastic AND I even felt like I got to know his friends (just from his headlines). I loved the covers so much, I can’t even imagine how his friends are going to react to them.

It’s hard to think of ideas for 50th birthday gift and birthday gifts for guys in general are tough. A YourCover photo magazine cover is the perfect way to “remember the good ol’ times” of youth, comment on the things that haven’t changed, and mention the great successes. They are just as fun to make as they are to receive so if you have to celebrate someone’s 50th birthday, go be creative and dig up those memories and make that person laugh about his age. Laughing makes you younger (I think…)


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