Instant Gift For Graduates


My brother just graduated this past weekend.  CONGRATS BRO!  It’s so nice and exciting to have him home again!  

Instant Gift - Graduation Magazine CoverThis is the season for graduates and college students to come home!  I’m sure many of you have great pictures of the graduates in your family!  I know my mom and aunt couldn’t put the camera down.  Instead of just sharing these photos on Facebook, use those photos to make a a truly unique personalized gift.  

Custom gift ideas like a YourCover photo magazine cover are a great way to make a graduation celebration even more special!  You can add little details about your graduate such as his/her studying tips,  his/her weird eating habits (the ones you only develop being at school), his/her plans for the future… these great little tidbits are what make a YourCover magazine cover so wonderful.  It’s so much more than just a photograph and with our downloadable option, this makes for a great instant gift.  Design it, print it – all from your own computer desk in just a manner of minutes.

A Graduation, whether from kindergarten, high school, college or grad school, is a momentous occasion. Making and giving a YourCover custom magazine cover would be the icing on the cake.   


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