Instant Gift for Instant Fame

You might have heard of the MTV show ‘Jersey Shore.’  Whether you have had the pleasure of watching an episode or two or have read some headlines in the paper on the news, you have likely heard the name "Snooki" [real name Nicole Polizzi], the now famous and somewhat infamous 4′ 9" Guidette star of MTV’s hit series.  

In yesterday’s Style section of The New York Times, Snooki describes how she came to be on the show: Fake Magazine Covers
"…saw an ad on Facebook. They were calling out Guidos and Guidettes, and I thought, "Hello!” Snooki said on the Miami set. “So I went and I auditioned and here I am." Today she has 300,000 followers on Twitter but no idea how much money she has. “Not a clue,” said her dad, who handles her finances and deals with her manager, Scott Talarico of Neon Entertainment in Buffalo. (According to published reports, the cast members each received $10,000 an episode and are expected to get $30,000 an episode in the third season.)"

Snooki went from a regular gal (well maybe not all that regular) to an overnight sensation!  She has been on magazine covers for both good and bad publicity.  YourCover personalized magazine covers has made her a fake magazine cover that shows that instant success can be an instant gift!


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