Instant Gift for Last Minute Shoppers

YourCover is a great solution for last minute shoppers who want to give a gift that is unique and special. Perhaps you don’t have much time left, perhaps even just hours, till the party. Fortunately you don’t have to give a last minute gift that ‘looks’ like a last minute.

Here’s an example, perhaps you have a 40th birthday party tonight and you just never got around to shopping. YourCover is a personalized birthday gift that you can make in minutes but that will look like you spent hours laboring over it.

Personalized 40th Birthday GiftSimply upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl to the YourCover magazine cover generator and choose the 40th birthday magazine cover template.  Default headlines will appear with your photo in the design system, now change those headlines to be all about the person whose 40th birthday is being celebrated. You will likely only need to change a few words here and there. 

Within a few minutes you will have created a completely unique and personalized birthday gift and it is available instantly right from your own home printer. Purchase the photo file download and print the fake magazine cover at home or send it to a local photo shop for printing. Pop the magazine cover print into a frame and wrap it up – instant gift!  And it is an instant gift that is totally personalized and unique – it will be a huge hit at the party and even if you’re a last minute shopper no one will ever know!

YourCover – an instant solution for an instant gift that will be appreciated for years to come! Start your personalized magazine cover today!


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