Instant Gift Idea for a 1st Anniversary

Romantic Gift IdeaI used to always save things until the last minute.  I have learned my lesson with not completing projects on their given due date, but unfortunately…my brother has not.  It’s his 1st anniversary tomorrow and he brought to my attention last night that he had not gotten anything for his wife and he wanted my help.  Why I agreed…I don’t know.

He wanted it to be a romantic gift idea, creative and of course, since it was so late already it had to be an instant gift that was available immediately.  I worked my magic to help him create several fake magazine covers of him and his sweety.  He picked the one he liked best and ordered the front cover download for just $12.95. He then downloaded it to his computer instantaneously and printed it off at at a local photo shop and it came out BEAUTIFULLY!  He popped it into a pretty frame and voila – the perfect 1st anniversary gift! 

My brother Craig and his wife Nicole will enjoy their 1st anniversary gift now and for years to come with this personalized magazine cover from YourCover.


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