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Personalized Magazine CoverMy roomate from college is getting married and this past weekend was her bridal shower.  It was at a Mexican restaurant with a nice intimate crowd of 25.  It was a beautiful day, meeting her family and friends, great food and a great time to see one of my best friends so happy.

As one of her maids of honor, I had to think about decor, favors, games, etc.  I had suggested YourCover personalized magazine covers for a great table centerpiece, as well as a great conversation starter!  It is also an instant gift to be given to the bride-to-be after the shower is over!

This personalized gift worked great at her shower this past weekend…everyone LOVED IT!  More than I expected actually, a couple of people even wanted to take them home!  I didn’t even think that they would want them as a favor…what a great idea! 

My good friend was head-over-heels as well, and couldn’t wait to make her own fake magainze cover for her future hubby.


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