Killing Two Birds With One Cover


Early summer is quite a busy time of year.  You’ve got Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and of course, Graduations!  Let’s face it!  Time is money! Who has time to look around for so many gifts for so many different people? YourCover is your one-stop-shop this year!

I made my friend a Graduation cover and his parents loved it so much, they asked for one too!  I thought it would be an even better idea to make them a mug and mouse pad so that they could keep a picture of their handsome son around the office!  

If you’re in need of unique gifts for Mother’s Day or Father’s day, you can’t go wrong with a mug or mouse pad for the office.  They’ll love it! You can make a custom magazine cover of anyone!  Even a pet!  Or you can be as efficient as me and "kill two birds with one cover".  Know anyone that is going to graduate soon?  Make them a YourCover personalized magazine cover!  

Personalized photo gift ideas are great for all occasions and for everyone.  They are so simple and easy to make.  Create an account today, make a cover, and put it on anything! Along with our Front Cover Prints, Front/Back Cover prints, and downloads, we also have 20" x 24" Posters, Mugs, Mouse Pads, and T-Shirts.  Accessories like these start at only $16.95 and everyone will love them.

SIGN UP for a FREE account today at  

Why have an account?  Creating an account allows you to save the magazine covers you design.  Say you’re working on a cover, but don’t have time to finish right away.  Having an account allows you to save YourCover and come back to it later.  It’s also great because, like me for example, I sent my friend a Front Cover Photo Print, his parents saw it, loved it and wanted it.  Instead of having to re-create the custom magazine cover, it was already saved in my account and I just had to place my second order.  Gift giving couldn’t be easier!


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