Last Minute Gift Idea That’s Not Just Another Gift Card!

Is there a last minute gift that is instantly available and looks like effort and thought were used in its purchase? YourCover announces the availability of their personalized magazine covers as an instant photo file download – a great last minute gift idea that’s unique and affordable too.


It seems that most last minute gift ideas consist of three things – gift cards, flowers or food. A gift card can seem impersonal and oftentimes recipients have to put some of their own money towards theirHoliday Fun Fake Magazine Cover - Last Minute Gift from YourCover purchase or they are left with unused money on the card. Flowers or food are lovely but the lifespan of these gifts is quite short. There has to be a better way to show someone that you care about them even if you bought their gift only hours before giving it to them!


Now available at YourCover are instant photo file downloads of the personalized fake magazine covers that consumers can quickly and easily make using their online magazine cover generator. A fake magazine cover may be the last minute gift solution that consumers are searching for in the frenzied last days of holiday shopping. Creating a fake magazine cover using the templates in the online magazine cover generator is easy, fast and affordable, and in addition each magazine cover that is created is as unique as the person starring on the front cover.   Read more…


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