Last Minute Grandparent’s Day Gift

Did you know that Sunday September 11 is Grandparent’s Day?  If you did know and are running late getting a gift, or if you didn’t know and now realize you would like to give a gift, YourCover has your last minute Grandparent’s Day gift solution! A personalized fake magazine cover that shows the grandparents that are truly your family’s superstar celebrities!

Grandparents Day Magazine Cover GiftWhat do you need?  A photo of the grandparent(s) either with our without the grandchildren. Upload the photo to the GRAND magazine cover template at You could also choose the Celebrity magazine cover or any one of over 50 other magazine cover templates. The last step is to customize the headlines to be all about your special grandparents and why they are so terrific.

In moments you have created a gift they will love for years to come. What’s the last minute part? The delivery – it’s instantaneous! Just purchase the photo file download of your magazine cover. Print it at home or at a local photo shop, pop it into a frame and you have a last minute Grandparent’s Day gift that looks like you’ve been planning and shopping for weeks!

Have fun and Happy Grandparent’s Day!


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