Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and you don’t have a gift – yikes!  You don’t have to resort to the old and tired (flowers, candy) – those are gifts that will be gone in just a few days.  Even though it is the last minute you can still buy and give a really unique personalized gift that your Valentine will love and will keep forever – a personalized magazine cover!

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift - Valentine's Day Magazine CoverIn just a few minutes you can create a fake magazine cover at that is as unique and special as your Valentine.  It’s very simple to create this last minute Valentine’s Day gift at YourCover.  Log In as a new user, choose the Valentine’s Day magazine cover template, upload a photo of your Valentine or of the two of you together. Use the online tool to personalize the headlines to be all about the one you love. 

Purchase the photo file download and print the magazine cover at home or at a local printer.  Frame it (if you want) and you have a gift that your Valentine will love because it is personal, unique and you made it just for them.  The perfect last minute Valentine’s Day Gift – only from YourCover.


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