Less is More

Personalized Anniversary Magazine CoverAshton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore will be celebrating their 5th Wedding Anniversary this September.   Being in the public eye, they are scrutinized over every move they make.  So of course, on their anniversary this fall, all paparazzi will be watching as to how they will celebrate. 

Whether they fly to St. Barts to renew their vows, go on a romantic vacation getaway or hold a huge party for themselves….I will always say, "Less is More."  Granted, I am not a celebrity, so if I had everything at my disposal maybe that would change, but for now…less is definitely more!

So Ashton…don’t spend thousands, just spend some time and create a personalized magazine cover!  I know, you’re asking why would he want to do that?  Ashton & Demi are on magazine covers all the time!  Well this time around he would be in control of the magazine cover’s headlines and he could have them say exactly what he wanted  versus all that nonsense that is usually written about them!  It would blow all other personalized anniversary gifts out of the water!  That perfect photo captured on their wedding night, turned into the one of the most unique photo gift ideas for his one true love.  I don’t think she would appreciate any other magazine cover as much, especially since it would be coming from his heart to her’s.
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