Our Magazine Cover Print Sizes Are Changing!

We here at YourCover are constantly striving to bring you the best customer experience possible, and sometimes that means changing our processes so we can continue to deliver the best personalized gifts. So starting now, we're changing all of our Magazine Cover Photo Print Sizes to 8'' x 10''. This change is one we feel will better fit  our customers' needs.  

All of our frame choices now support this size and we feel that finding 8'' x 10'' frames is an easier process for those that want to pick out the frames for themselves. Nothing else about our process is changing, and we will still deliver the high quality product we have always delivered. We know that this change will only benefit our customers making it much easier for them to find the frames they want for their wondeful personalized gift, after all a personalized magazine cover is a unique gift for a special person and we want to do everything we can to help your gifting experience be a positive one.


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