Why A Magazine Makes A Great Retirement Gift


The departure of an employee is something commonly seen before the start of a new year — and sometimes, it’s for good reason. Those who’ve done their time in the workforce are often rewarded with the luxury of retirement, and traditionally do so at the end of a fiscal year. For those who are near and dear to their colleagues, gifts are usually given to those who are departing from the company. Gift cards, photo albums and t-shirts are all great gifts — but sometimes highlighting their achievements in a memorable way is just as thoughtful. If you know someone taking the retirement plunge, a personalized magazine cover might be a great ‘farewell’ gift idea!


  • Highlighting professional achievements is easy with a magazine cover. With the ease of adding text, you can include accolades that were accumulated over the years, and make sure that their hard work was noticed and appreciated. Employee of the month, sales awards, and many more all find a perfect place to rest on the cover of a magazine
  • Including their hobbies is also a great way to recognize your coworkers. If he/she is the type to talk about fishing and their prized ‘trophy catch’, a quirky caption about how he/she manages their tackle box like his/her stock portfolio fits perfectly!
  • A good way to make them feel remembered is to include captions about what life might be like outside of the office when they’re gone. “What will we ever do without Bill’s wisdom in the morning?” One of the best ways to send off a former employee is to make them feel as if they made an impact with their work, and they were appreciated by all.


Before the holidays come and go, make sure you have the perfect gift for your departing colleague. At $9.95 with the option for an instant download, we take the hassle out of searching for a gift, and replace it with something personal, meaningful, and fun!
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