Using A Magazine For A Pregnancy Reveal


Announcing a pregnancy can be one of the most exciting reveals that women and couples can do when the time comes. Bringing a child into your life is also one of the most beautiful things to ever happen and the moment is truly unforgettable. For men and women alike, there’s a new trend which includes a fun way to reveal to everyone that you’re having a baby (which for reaction videos, are always priceless), and they can get pretty unique. But what about announcing it via something a bit more creative and unique? A “hot off the presses” magazine cover sounds like the perfect way to do so!


  • This method allows the future parents to get creative with their idea, in more ways than just a simple photo. While you can use any photo you’d like of the parents, other things can be placed into the cover as well, such as the godparents (if you’ve chosen them already) and more.
  • You can date the magazine in the future, or the present! This is a perfect way to generate buzz about the tentative due date, which can help others plan their time accordingly and allow them to be available for the birth, should you want anyone there for the baby’s first moments.
  • It can be tailored to gender as well, if you know it. Should you find out the gender in advance, you can tailor your colors to represent a boy, or a girl! This also presents a great opportunity to create funny headlines about the name of the baby, or process in which he or she will be named. Something along the lines of “The Great Debate Over Middle Names” is something to consider.
  • It’s unique. We’ve seen the can of Prego sauce before, and the other forms of reveals can get a bit vanilla. While they’re all cute and exciting, something a bit more unique might be on your radar, and this is the best way to utilize your creative juices.

To get started, head on over to the Cover Editor to make your magazine cover. For examples of previously created magazines, make sure to like us on Facebook,  find us on Pinterest or browse our magazine cover templates!


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