Make a Mother’s Day Magazine Cover

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and you need a unique gift for your mom.  What to do?  Make her a Mother’s Day personalized magazine cover!  You know your mom is terrific so why not give her the celebrity treatment and put her on her very own fake magazine cover?  She’ll feel like a superstar!

Simply choose the Mother’s Day magazine cover template in our online cover editor.  ThenMother's Day Magazine Cover upload a hi-res photo of your mother. Customize the default headlines to be all about her life, family, friends and special memories.  You will have created a unique gift for your mom that will absolute thrill her because you made it just for her (and the fact that it only took a few minutes – we’ll keep your secret – she’ll think you toiled for hours and hours!)

This unique Mother’s Day gift can be purchased as a photo file download to print at home yourself (affordably priced and great for last minute shoppers), or YourCover can print and frame your magazine cover for you.

Get started on your unique gift for mom today!


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