Make a Unique Team Gift or Gift for Coach!

The Spring sports seasons are drawing to a close. Many teams hold season end banquets, barbecues or parties to celebrate the camraderie, hard work and results of the previous weeks and months.  Whether the team is for a school or in an independent league, YourCover has several magazine cover templates that work perfectly as unique team gifts for a gift for coach.

Personalized team gifts can be created in several ways.  The first step is to choose the template, YourCover offers many spring sport titles including "Play Ball" (for baseball or softball), Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Track and Soccer. There is also the more general "Sports Report" as well as Champions. You can also choose the make your own title template and name the fake magazine cover based on your team or school.  

Duplicate fake magazine coversThe next step is to add the photo, you can add a photo of the entire team together or create individual personalized magazine covers each with a different team member's photo.  

YourCover has a helpful duplication tool. After creating the first magazine cover and saving it, simply click on the "duplicate" link. This will create an exact duplicate of the first magazine cover, just add a new photo of the next team member. The headlines can remain the same except for the athlete's name and any other personal info you'd like to add.  This process can be repeated for all the team members.

In addition to team gifts, YourCover has a Best Coach magazine cover. The process for creating this magazine cover is the same as for the team gifts. Choose the template, upload a photo of the coach alone or with the team, and then customize the default headlines to be all about the coach, the team and the season.  This unique keepsake captures a moment in time and the memories of the season will last a lifetime.



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