Making the most of those great Christmas Day Photos


holiday magazine coverThe day after Christmas is a day for returning the gifts that did not quite hit the mark.   It's also a great day to remember the gathering of the family and use some of the terrific photos taken during the day.   A downloadable completely personalized magazine cover from can be made in just minutes and shared with the family while the memories are still fresh and warm.  

Maybe it's photos of the family opening gifts, the silly songs that were sung, the great shots with Grandma and Grandpa that they will love and cherish.   Using candid photos on the magazine cover are always good as catching the kids at that special moment seemingly lives forever.   

Everyone probably has so many great photos that it will be difficult to choose the best ones!   Playing holiday magazine cover editor can be a lot of fun.  

A fake magazine cover from YourCover is THE way to remember all the great moments of a special Christmas.   It's fast, easy and lots of fun.   The cover editor is free to use and you only pay if you want to save and send or print (or have YourCover print) it.   It's as much fun to make and give as it is to receive!  


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