Many Ways to Purchase Your Personalized Magazine Cover!

We now offer a variety of ways for you to create YourCover!

Our new packages are as follows:
Simple: $14.95/$18.95 – instant auto-download of photo files that you can save to your computer and print yourself.  Great last minute gift using our magazine cover templates!

Standard: $44.95 – the front cover only is printed on heavy glossy paper and placed in a solid cherry wood frame, shipping is included.   Great for those of you who would rather not be bothered with printing and having to find a frame – takes a bit longer to arrive (as opposed to instantaneously) but still quick and easy to make using our magazine cover templates.

Deluxe: $59.95 – both a front and back cover are printed from our magazine cover templates on a single piece of heavy glossy paper and placed in an acrylic frame (allows you to see both the front and back covers when displayed), shipping is included.   Great for when you have a lot to say or lots of photos to share!

Posters, mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts – have your personalized magazine cover printed on these items. They can be purchased separately or along with a framed magazine cover.


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