Micro Piglets: The Next Huge Pet Craze


Have you ever considered having a little piglet as a pet?  Micro piglets are the next huge pet craze to hit England and I have no doubt that this fad will make
its way to America.  Paris Hilton already has one!  They are extremely cute and very loving. 

All kinds of pets are incredible and are interagral parts of many families.  They’ll never yell at you or talk back.  They are the perfect companion and a best friend that you can always count on.  Many people are absolutely crazy about their pets and for good reason!  There are many reasons to celebrate, so celebrating your awesome pet should be one of them. 

We are all big pet lovers at YourCover.  My boss and associate both have cats and love them!  I’m more of a dog person, but which ever pet lover you are, making a photo magazine cover  of your pet is a cute and creative idea that will remind you just how special they are to you.  Show off your adorable critter to your friends and family.  I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of your personalized headlines. 

Not an animal lover?  That’s okay!  You probably know someone who is and believe me, it’s the owners who enjoy this unique personalized gift more than the actual pet.  Making a custom magazine cover is as easy as 1-2-3 here at YourCover.  Just upload your favorite picture of your pet, customize your headlines, and place an order!  The pet magazine cover orders are some of our favorites to receive.  You’ll really enjoy making them and whoever receives a YourCover custom magazine cover will be as entertained as we are!


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